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The Snagger Tooltm is guaranteed for one year against defects in workmanship.

The Snagger Tooltm is designed to be as lightweight as possible and therefore can be damaged slightly by normal use. This wear and tear is expected and is not covered under warranty except in the situations described below.

If you have a tool that you ordered with defects in workmanship, please contact us.

Please include the following and contact us.

  • Your Name and Address
  • The date you purchased the tool and where (i.e. the name of the distributor)
  • A description of the problem

We will then send a replacement tool.

The Snagger Tooltm is not warranted against damage caused by misuse of the tool. Please follow all instructions and examples posted on this site.

If you use the Snagger Tooltm to cut through a windshield of a car, the glass will "pit" the aluminum and damage the anodizing. Please use this technique only in an emergency situation and be sure to use full PPE as the shards of glass end up everywhere. 

If you damage your Snagger Tooltm in a rescue situation, please send us the tool, the story of how it was damaged (signed by your Chief) and we will send you a replacement tool. Your story will go on our testimonials page.