Motis DoorJamm

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Use the Motis DoorJamm to hold door's open, and keep them from locking behind you.  This versatile product is great for Fire, Police, Paramedics and Military.

Q: What is a DoorJamm?
A: It is a simple reusable tool, designed for police, fire and EMS workers to prevent gates and doors from locking behind them. The DoorJamm is made of rubber and has two holes on each end. It's flexible, lightweight, inexpensive and fits anywhere. Plus, it is chemical resistant and weatherproof.

Q: What does the DoorJamm do and how does it work?
A: The DoorJamm quickly wraps around gate handles and door knobs to jam the lock open temporarily while you handle a call for service at a secured location, allowing all following personnel to easily enter.  After you get a gate or door opened, simply slip one hole over the handle or knob, stretch the rubber around to the other side, and slip the second hole around the handle or knob. Now, you can let the gate or door swing closed, knowing the lock won't be able to latch closed behind you.
Q: Why do I need a DoorJamm?
A: Often, first responders have to scrounge around (in the dark and in a hurry) to find something to block open a secured gate or door. Having this handy tool in your pocket saves you critical time needed to render aid on an emergency call. Also, DoorJamm improves officer safety because your partners have easy access to an open gate or door. You won't have to spend time folding up a piece of paper, only for it to drop to the ground after the next officer opens the door.
Q: Why can't I just use something else I find at the scene to block the door?
A: With a DoorJamm in your pocket, you will never have to rely on finding something else. Plus, civilians often move the trash can, pick up the brick, straighten out the rug, etc. Simply said, those things just are not reliable like the DoorJamm.

Motis DoorJamm's are made in the USA of synthetic rubber.  This product is versatile, stretches over 200% its original size, reusable, easy to carry, weather and chemical resistant.  The printed DoorJamm will withstand temperatures as hot as 212 Degrees Fahrenheit and as cold as -40 Degrees Fahrenheit.  This product weighs approx. 1 ounce, can be stored nearly anywhere on your person or kit, and allows you to carry multiples without being cumbersome.