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Snagger Tool by Motis

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Original price $74.99
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The Snagger Tool by Motis™ is an innovative firefighting tool that allows you to handle a charged fire hose both safely and quickly. Its unique design also allows you to replace several tools with the Snagger!

The Snagger Tool is small, light, strong, and simple. The Snagger can be used to remove drywall or wallboard in tight quarters for rapid egress when necessary. It is designed to be carried in your bunker gear pocket and be available right when you need it. It reduces the number of tools you need to carry to the fireground.

Uses for the Snagger Tool Include:

  • Handling charged fire hose 38, 45 or 65mm (1 1/2, 1 3/4 or 2 1/2)
  • Supporting charged hose on ladders and railings
  • Breaking tempered glass safely
  • Removing drywall or ceiling board in tight quarters
  • Coupling tool for any coupling, from forestry line to high volume with Storz fittings (Spanner)
  • RIT tool for faster rescue (Nance Drill)
  • Rapid egress tool
  • 02 bottle key
  • Natural gas shutoff
  • Door wedge or gear hook

1. The tungsten carbide tip is perfect for breaking tempered glass, quickly and without effort.
2. The small groove is designed to grip the tabs on any size of firehose coupling. This groove makes the Snagger Tool the perfect hose wrench/spanner, with its single size being perfect for all couplings. It will also fit the valve stem on an O2 cylinder in a pinch.
3. The grooved grip gives a more comfortable and universal grip for hands of all sizes. The peaks of the groves also dig into the charged firehose for better grip.
4. The small opening of the tool is designed for gripping 38mm (1 ½ ”) or 45mm (1 ¾") hose line as well as various sizes of forestry line. When charged line is “snagged” by this tool the hand is automatically turned 90 degrees from its normal position on a fire hose giving the firefighter improved posture, more strength, less fatigue and a much safer position in relation to the fire and the hose line.
5. The large opening is designed for 65mm (2 ½”) hose line performing the same functions as listed above.
6. The groove in the large opening is to allow the Snagger to grip the tabs on Storz and larger diameter couplings.
7. The wedge tip is for penetrating drywall or wall board.  Cutting a windshield may damage the tool's coating so it is not advised unless absolutely necessary.

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